Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Richmond Hill?  I’m new to the area and it seems like a bit of a drive to post or Savannah.

A.  That’s exactly why!  Richmond is a small community with many advantages.  Bryan County has the best public school system in a tri-county area.  It also has a lower crime rate than Savannah or Hinesville.

Q. Who would I contact about cable, power, water, and trash pick-up?

A. Included on the City County State Links page, in the left margin, is a collection of “Utility Links”.

Q. Do you allow pets?

A. “Footed” or “feathered” pets are not allowed.

Q. Is there a washer and dryer available?

A.  Washer and dryer hook-ups are provided in the laundry room.  However a washer and dryer are not provided.